Architectonic jewels you have to visit in Porto

Perhaps you are an architect or strive to become one, or you like to admire gargantuan buildings carrying the burden of History, or you simply feel mesmerized with intricate construction details, old or contemporary. Whichever category you see yourself fitting in, this post is for you: behold the 5 biggest architectonic pieces of Porto!

1.  D. Luis Bridge

Project by Belgian architect Théophile Seyrig, partner of Gustave Eiffel, between 1881 and 1888, this bridge connects the city of Porto and the city of Vila Nova de Gaia. It weighs more than 3000 pounds and it’s made with steel. It is composed of two trays: the lower tray designed for pedestrians and autos, and the upper tray designed for pedestrian and since 2005 the metro line.


2. Serralves Museum & Park

The most visited museum of Portugal (you can find more information about the museum in our article about the best museums to visit in Porto) is also an example of great architecture. Not only the building that houses some of the most important contemporary art pieces in our country is of great architectonic significance, but the park that surrounds has great elements that should put any architecture enthusiast in awe of. The symmetries of the gardens, the vast green invading the walks and the famous flower tunnel are some examples of great artistic vision.


3. Clérigos’ Tower

The Clerics’ Tower is an ex-libris of the city. We recommend you to climb to the top, especially if it’s not raining. Try to go as early as possible, because the experience of being in the tallest tower of the city can be a little bit chaotic when there’s a lot of tourists: the steps get very narrow by the stop and there isn’t much space in the top. Put those athletic shoes on before adventuring yourself to the top!


4. Leixões Cruise Terminal

The youngest building on this list, as it was inaugurated last year, the Cruises’ Port of Leixões has won several prizes due to its fancy design. Located near the Leixões cargo port, this is the entry point for the several cruises that arrive at Porto yearly. It won several prizes such as the Seatrade Awards 2015 from Canadian AZAwards and Best Public Building from the prestigious ArchDaily website for the year 2017.


5. House of Music

This is a fine example of contemporary architecture. The building itself, which is home to several music shows and expositions, at the first sight may appear as a bit odd due to the fact that its style completely contrasts with the more traditional surroundings. But that just adds up more extravaganza to the sight. Projected by dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, it is considered one of the most beautiful and extravagant music halls in Europe. We recommend going even if there are no shows going on (you have a panoramic restaurant on the top which we greatly recommend!).



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