Top 7 Parks and Green Spaces in Porto

Despite its greatly cosmopolitan way of living Porto has a vast list of gardens and parks, making sure all its inhabitants have contact with nature, no matter the area of the city they live in.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful and immersive place to walk for hours or a small park to read and enjoy the good weather Porto has it all! And with sustainability being one of the major concerns os the towns municipality you can expect the city to become greener and greener.

This is the top 7 (and a couple more) green spaces in Porto for all the nature lovers visiting the city.

City Park

Standing on the east part of the city, close to Porto’s beach line, the city park extends for over 83 hectares, making it the biggest urban park of the country. The park created a micro habitat of its own with many species of plants, trees and animals you can observe along the 10km of available paths. The many lakes throughout the park are home to different species of ducks and geese that you can interact with, but beware, some are quite sly.

The city park is a place of great tranquility perfect for a morning visit.


Crystal Palace Gardens

These gardens are amongst the biggest and most beautiful in the city. With over 8 hectares and a location which allows for priceless views of the Douro river, these gardens are a wonderful place for a romantic date or just a couple of hours away from the bustle of the city. A garden full of small paths and hidden treasures as well as exotic species like peacocks.


Parque das Virtudes

Located in the city’s historical center and with spectacular views of the Douro river, Virtudes is one of the best places in the city to enjoy the sunset all year round. Organized in several vertical terraces it is a particularly cosy space where you can always find a little privacy


Gardens of Serralves

Other than being one of the museums you must visit Serralves surrounds itself with a beautiful 7 hectare neoclassical garden, with victorian paths, labyrinths, lakes, small forests, a rose garden and a huge plain grass field where you can just enjoy the sounds of nature.

The only reason why this garden is not higher on this list is because it isn’t public and you have to pay a fee to enter.



Quinta do Covelo

Quinta do Covelo has been around since the 18th century and now functions as a public park perfect for families with kids because it has a huge playground. It is a charming space with lots of hidden spaces and tracks, for exercising or just resting.



São Roque

This park is one of the most popular on the east side of the city. It is elegant and romantic with lots of interesting features like labyrinths, fountains, a cave and a whole picturesque setting perfect for a romantic date.



Quinta da Pasteleira

Like the City Park, Quinta da Pasteleira is a great place to jog and walk your pet. It has around 7 hectares and a bicycle path connecting it to City Park.


You can also visit these smaller parks throughout the city center, all of them with its own special charm.

São Lázaro

The oldest park in the city, this romantic garden is a great place to relax.


Cordoaria Garden

In the center of it all Cordoaria this garden features a lake and several statues of portuguese personalities.


Passeio Alegre

With views of the river mouth and Atlantic Ocean, Passeio Alegre is a small garden with a great variety of plants and some fountains. A great place to rest before enjoying a coffee in one of the nearby terraces.


Marquês Garden

Close to downtown but in a more residencial area Marquês is another small romantic garden where you can watch intense card games held by locals.



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